This span of public debate Save Our Water has engaged with over the past decade is listed here.

SOW comment: “If ownership of water is possible – [and] the status quo is it’s not owned by anybody – but if it’s ownership is going to be managed at all and profits are going to be made from quantified water, then tangata whenua have to be considered” ~ Council decides bottling Waihou River requires iwi consent Newshub 17Aug2017 ~ A new course is required, of establishing natural and human rights in water, for biodiversity, justice and basic survival. #NewZealand #water decisions in tumult, we say regarding this topical event;
SOW-Newshub-Screenshot-170817a-crop.png SOW website archive waybackmachine 2007- May2010 …

“New group aims to stall Central Plains Water project” The Press interview August 2007

“Website’s water ‘facts’ disputed” Dairy Farmers of NZ August 2007

“Moore wants 2021 wound up” councillors cut from six to two October 2007

“Stoush in the south” multiplicity of factors at work January 2009

“Editorial: The axe falls” affront to democracy March 2010

“To fluoridate or not? The city’s vexed question” water quality deciding issue? July 2010

“Save Our Water campaign rally” story October 2010

Our Water Our City Save Our Water campaign site 2010

Our Water Our Vote campaign 2010- after WeCan 2004

Canterbury Our Water COW March 2010

Artists for save our water Hurunui 2008-

Malvern Hills Protection Society vs Central Plains Water 2000-

Save Our Water Inc Lake Eufaula Oklahoma 2005-

Save Our Water Christchurch City Council supply conservation facts 2010


Action for Christchurch East blogspot 2011


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