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– as archived in 2008 with thanks to EcoBob.

Issue – Plenty of choice in water interest debate
Draft list of ‘water groups’ / lobbyists at play, chronological approx:

Māori hāpu (extended family groups / indigenous local tribes c900AD)
Colonial settler farmers, miners and descendents (1800s)
Dept Conservation, Ministry for Environment, Environment Court (etc NZ central government c1900)
Local Government (merged & enabled from catchment boards etc 1989)
Waitangi Tribunal (Treaty settlement judges)
Fish & Game (recreational hunters’ state licensing, stock management)
Forest & Bird (de facto, also Greenpeace & Greens)
Whitewater NZ (canoeists)
Water Rights Trust (Canterbury anglers)
Water Wisdom (volumetric commercial chargers)
Irrigation NZ (professional resource developers)
Corporate Iwi (indigenous macro tribe portfolios)
Save Our Water (Canterbury region 2007 after WEcan 2004 campaign) blog for Say No to Fracking and Drilling South Island facebook 2010
Environment Commissioner
Overseas buyers, investors (Overseas Investment Office)
Bung The Bore (anti bottling exports)
Choose Clean Water (North Island activism)

Issue – Water bottling for export

Issue – Constant erosion of democracy and environmental quality
Warnings over four South Canterbury waterways – Timaru Herald, 4 February 2017
Over the line: Rivers being whittled away – Stuff, 6 February 2017 + RadioNZ 6-7 Feb17:’they’ve-basically-stolen-public-land’‘rule-book’-for-river-bank-development’they’ve-signed-off-on-everything-we’ve-done’
Canterbury struggling with water quality targets, good progress on irrigation 22 September 2017
50 questions about the environment: Our rivers 15 January 2018

Issue – Misleaders grow rural/urban divide

Felecia Mensel Felecia Mensel 2007



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